The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin owe their free thinking and self motivated questioning mind to their          
nursery days in Montessori school.

The enquiring child keeps asking questions, “What is this? Is this possible? Can I do it? “Dr. Maria Montessori called this an “absorbent mind”, which is the ability of the child to absorb every aspect of their physical world, language and culture. They also develop an amazing capacity to focus. A Montessori education incorporates tasks that encourage young children to fine tune their senses, develop language and mathematic skills and respect the global human family. Our vision is to promote and reinforce this in every child that walks through our doors.

The Montessori teaching method is unique. It enables the child to develop self-confidence, security, a sense of order and social relationships, creative intelligence and imagination. It also sharpens his/her ability to discriminate and make judgments.

Let your child build their own unique fingerprints by building their curiosity with scientifically proven principles of learning.

Maria Montessori quoted, “It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give to teach a child the chance to fulfil his potential possibilities.”

Video 01
Montessori - Sensorial - The Three Period Lesson
Video 02
A few years in Montessori, and all I got was......
Video 03
An Introduction to Montessori Philosophy and Materials
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